Brief Introduction to CFIIN.COM

  Founded in 2000, CFIIN.COM is the outward portal website of The China National Food Industry Association. Recently, it has become the most pragmatic network media service within the field. Its features include: current and abundant information, excellent pictures and texts, as well as a large-scale, comprehensive website, which is oriented toward the domestic and foreign food industries. This website is also the largest and most comprehensive in the entire Chinese domestic food industry.

  CFIIN.COM currently has 27 channels; including: domestic and foreign information, government announcements, state quality inspections, industry leading enterprises, food technologies, food certification, and food techniques. There are also more than 60 sub-categories within each of these channels. More than 100 new items of information, containing more than 300,000 words, are released alongside 50 new service items every day. Furthermore, tracking has indicated that the website receives more daily hits than any other industrial website. Throughout their years of operation, CFIIN.COM has become a part of the mainstream media for the publication of Chinese policies and laws, as well as information and standards on the food industry. It represents a window for publicizing the various products from different food enterprises, and is a channel available for the food industry to summarize and report on special projects. CFFIIN.COM is also a platform for market transactions and a service center where industry insiders can go in search of various kinds of food talents, techniques, and products.

Introduction to the Service Contents of CFIIN.COM:
  Current Service Items : 1. Inquiries and Investigations concerning Domestic Food Data; 2. Monitoring and Analysis of Public Opinions on Enterprises; 3. Domestic and Foreign Advertisements, Publicity for Enterprises and Product Promotions; 4. Foreign Publicity and the Organization of International Exchanges for Domestic Enterprises
  Brief Introduction to The China National Food Industry Association
  Established in 1981 under approval by the State Council, The China National Food Industry Association is the only comprehensive industrial management organization for the food industry within China. The chairman of The China National Food Industry Association functions as the legal representative. Shi Xiushi, director of Economic Committee of China National People’s Congress, is currently working as the acting chairman of the association. Furthermore, several leaders from various government bodies, as well as major players within the domestic Chinese food industry, serve as vice-chairmen of the association.
  A trustee management system has been implemented for the association. Presently, the association has 1,248 members on the trustee council. These members are representative of the entire network of large-scale enterprises and scientific food research institutions within the Chinese food industry. In addition, all of the food industrial associations from the various provinces and major cities in China are represented as member units on the trustee council.

  The association currently has 6 internal offices and 12 branches. The International Food Department, functioning under The Special Committee of Food Logistics, generally handles all foreign liaison and cooperative work for the association.

Major projects and functions of the association include:
  (1)Carries out investigations and research into industry structure, product composition, production, and marketing within the food industry. The association also provides consultation and data services for both domestic and foreign enterprises, as well as various other institutions.
  (2) Accepts the authorization and entrustment provided by government bodies, and carries out first-phase demonstrations of important technical upgrades, technical introductions, investments, and development projects within the industry. The association also participates in issuing industrial production licenses and business licenses.
  (3) Organizes academic discussions and technical exchanges concerning important domestic food subjects; arranges the introduction and popularization of new techniques, and promotes scientific food research;
  (4) Studies the layout of the food industry; organizes relations between cities, rural areas, the agriculture sector, the food industry, and various other industries; provides studies and introduces policy and legal proposals for food industry development, and organizes their implementation.
  (5) Functions as the cooperation liaison between food authorities, industrial associations related to food, food manufacturers, processors, and sales enterprises. The association also co-ordinates with domestic food enterprises to participate in international showcases like exhibitions and exchanges.
  (6) Carries out quality supervision and management, organizes recommendations for exceptional products, supervises product quality, publicity, and promotions; organizes and participates in the formulation and revision of state and industrial standards for the food industry; organizes, implements and supervises these standards;
Introduction to the Major Departments of the Association

Brief Introduction on the Data Research Center
  The CFI Data Research Center (CFI Data) is an industrial research and consultancy body affiliated with The China National Food Industry Association. The center generally takes charge of the collection and organization of data related to the food industry. It also studies the general situation and direction of development within the industry, and provides policy proposals and consultancy opinions for government authorities, enterprises, and institutions.

  The center focuses on the collection and dispersal of data which relates to the macro economy, industry, and various enterprises within the industry. It currently possesses the most authentic and comprehensive industrial food database in China. Other relevant information contained within this database includes: customs import and export statistical data, enterprise operational data, enterprise rankings, as well as information about the companies listed within. The center gathers comprehensive, accurate, and current industrial information, assists relevant social circles to understand market trends, assesses the value of various projects, and concludes definitive investment decisions.

  In terms of research, the full-time researchers at the center have carried out studies on subdivided industries according to their personal academic specialties, and have written a series industrial analysis reports. They have issued theses' and published monographic works in both domestic and foreign journals. In addition, the center has been entrusted by government bodies, international organizations and enterprises to carry out special research projects on important issues and the various difficulties faced during industrial development. Furthermore, the center has published various papers, including brief internal reports and the well-received “Monthly Analysis Report on the Food Industry”. These papers are effective tools for reporting on center activities and introducing research achievements to decision-making departments and the media. The industry itself has also found these publications to be very useful.

  In terms of the information solution program, the center provides information support for management decisions made by the government, enterprises and institutions. This program is backed by the center's rich industrial research experience, successful integration of data resources, and the proficient IT technical development information system. The system is an industrial information system which focuses on the construction of a set of databases. It achieves success through automatic data collection techniques, and is oriented towards application and demand functions. The center has established a website to help introduce basic information about the center, release information on its research achievements, and report on various activities in order to promote exchanges amongst personnel from various circles within the food industry.

  The data research center will continue to maintain and develop extensive contacts within the various subdivided industrial associations from various regions, as well as various international industrial associations and business chambers. It will also seek to actively develop exchanges and cooperation between research consultancy agencies in various countries.

Brief Introduction to the International Food Department
  The International Food Department of The China Food Industry Association's Food Logistics Committee is the department in charge of conducting the foreign affairs of the association. It is mainly engaged in assisting domestic food enterprises in participating in foreign exhibitions and inspections. This allows for shared learning, information exchanges, and the cooperation between businesses and foreign food enterprises. This department provides comprehensive public relation plans and programs on brand building to various food enterprises developing business within China. It also facilitates and allows foreign food enterprises to participate in exhibitions and to hold promotional product meetings in China; assists foreign enterprises in developing businesses in China; and constructs the corresponding channels and networks.

  Specific Business Categories: media, exhibition, training, brand management(public relations, custody), data investigations and market research, and retail market consultancy. The magazine “Universal Imported Foods” has won high acclaim and recognition within imported food circles in China, and it is also the most influential magazine on imported foods in China.

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